Welcome to Bear Bros!

By Blue Bear a - Posted Jul 16, 18

Hi all! 

First of all, from me and Red thank you for sticking with us through over a year of development and changes. We're still keen on doing a roleplay server but for now, we're putting all of our stock in Pixelmon. So as you may have seen we're more active these days so do feel free to message me or Red. Though we're both working we would love to hear from you.

As some of you may have seen on the showcase, we have a limited time offer on a shiny Pikachu until August 1st so do make sure you jump on that ASAP. On top of this, we're still working out some kinks with the server so do report any bugs or suggestions (Yes, we do know about the Fearows. We've designated the bug as the Fearogeddon). Any other issues or exploits we will be monitoring. In order to make the server completely fair, do report any exploits immediately. If people are consistently abusing this we may remove items from player inventories. This isn't a petty 'get back at you' type deal. We just want people to have a fair experience.

To all newcomers, be sure to jump on the discord. We have a great little community on our discord so don't be afraid to join in. I will be sorting out a tutorial for all commands as well as installing Pixelmon on your computer (for those who are new to Pixelmon) 

As soon as we work out a majority of the kinks we'll be starting some weekly challenges and events. In the meantime feel free to create and catch at your leisure. You guys have been absolutely awesome and thank you for being part of this server. 

Blue Bear

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